It all started with April Quinn, the fabulous owner of Gondola Servizio reaching out to Shift Local.  She told us that she wanted to run a photo contest leading up to a book signing event.

So Pic Oakland was born, and we asked the amazing photographer Kristen Loken to be one of the judges to help us determine the top 10 finalists for Pic Oakland 2014’s photo contest. April invited her friend Kelly Patrick Dugan to be the second judge and Shift Local asked their favorite photographer Allan Mendez to complete the panel of judges.

Our vision for PIC Oakland is a photo contest accessible to everyone who simply loves to take pictures. This is their opportunity to share their lens of the world and get their photo included in an exhibition that will be rotated at Oakland-based galleries in 2015. Our photo contest is designed to be as simple as possible (we’ll accept any picture as long as it was taken in Oakland or from another city looking at Oakland) so that the real challenge is picking your best photo. Only 1 entry accepted per person.

PIC Oakland’s 2015 Exhibition is made possible thanks to Panorama Framing and Bay Area Custom Prints who will be providing the framing and prints respectively. Their generous donations will allow us to feature the top 10 finalists photos in 5 Oakland-based galleries – stay tuned for announcements on which 5 galleries are participating.

Lastly, Shift Local’s mission is to prove that Buying Local is hella fun and so we asked Oakland Grown members to donate prizes to give away during the PIC Oakland Reception held at Gondola Servizio and neighboring Lake Chalet dock.  We want everyone to have fun with PIC Oakland and we can’t wait to see your PICs!!!

NOTE – All promotional pictures used in Pic Oakland are from Judges: Kristen Loken, Kelly Patrick Dugan and Allan Mendez + PIC Oakland participants.

Media Partners: Oakland Grown | City of Oakland | Oakland Local| Visit Oakland

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