Kelly Patrick Dugan

Instagram: @kellypatrickdugan
I am a photographer based out of Oakland. Raised as a California native, there is hardly a greater visual treasure chest than the Bay Area. But Oakland in particular, has intrigued me on many levels. The people I’ve met have displayed an uncommon warmth and loyalty that I have yet to experience elsewhere. The vibrant array of artists, activists, advocates for justice and everyday people, confirm my pride in making Oakland my home. I continue to learn about the historical significance of Oakland internationally, and it inspires me to persist in documenting local life. I’m excited to see the wide variety of Oakland perspectives shared by the community for this contest.

Kristen Loken Picture

Kristen Loken

Instagram: @kristenloken
Kristen Loken is a Bay Area native. After receiving an interdisciplinary degree at UC Berkeley in 1997, she started her commercial photography business in Oakland, CA. Kristen’s photography has been featured in numerous publications including Gourmet, The New York Times, and Saveur. Kristen’s commercial clients include The Culinary Institute of America, San Francisco Opera, San Francisco Symphony and she is the house photographer at The Green Music Center at Sonoma State University.


Allan Mendez

Instagram: @iWorkTheLight
Encouraged and inspired by his new-found hobby, Allan started taking photos using the camera equipment he inherited from his longtime friend back in 2001, with downtown Oakland as his urban photography playground, he began to explore his adopted home city. His interest in photography grew more as he attended Cal State University in 2005 and graduated at the New York Institute of Photography in 2012. His photographic journey gradually evolved to include quite a variety of fields such as food, tabletop/still life, landscape, nature, model portfolio, beauty and lifestyle family portrait photography. Allan follows his passion of all things beautiful and delicious, rhythm of life and nostalgia.